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  • How do I book my dog's photo shoot?
    Above the page you will find the booking button. Fill in all the fields in the form as detailed as possible so that I have as many details as possible to work with. After receiving the reservation, I will contact you to schedule the first consultation, which takes place online. We will discuss the date, location for the photo shoot, your expectations and some information about the dog. If you have a specific idea about the resulting photos, in the form of photos you've seen somewhere, don't hesitate to bring them to our first consultation.
  • How is the photo shoot?
    First I will get to know the dog so that he is comfortable in my presence. I'll play with him a little and a few treats never hurt anything either :) Taking photos of your dog is always a form of walking, so the dog shouldn't even know that something is different or that someone is taking pictures of him. Of course, we will also take a few arranged pictures, but we will never force the dog to do something it does not want and the whole photo shoot will take place in a playful spirit. The main thing is that he and you enjoy it!
  • What time of day will the photos be taken?
    Photos are always taken when the light is best, which is either in the morning at sunrise or in the evening at sunset. Primarily, I always try to aim for the afternoon, when it is sunset. However, if you are an early bird and it is more convenient for you in the morning hours, please indicate this in the booking form and we will definitely come up with something :)
  • In which location is the photo taken?
    I primarily move around Prague, Kladno & Mladá Boleslav. If we take pictures in the vicinity of these places, the price is valid according to the price list above. But I am able to come anywhere, if you have any other favorite place where you would like to take photos - it is necessary to add CZK 7/km to the price.
  • What to take with you for a photo shoot?
    It depends whether we will only take pictures of your dog or you as well. For your dog's photo shoot, please bring some favorite toys, ideally fetching ones. I will bring the rest of the things - such as treats - to the photo shoot. That's why it's a good idea to let me know in the booking form if your dog has any allergies. But if he's really picky and loves only one type of treat, feel free to bring your own. As for dog collars/harnesses, it depends on you which option you choose for the photo shoot, or if you leave the dog "naked" during the photo shoot. Just keep in mind that even this parameter can fundamentally affect the final impression of the photos . If you and your dog are going to be photographed, I recommend that you dress according to the season. In the summer, any color will look nice, in the fall, earthy tones, in the winter, don't be afraid of bold, saturated colors, and in the spring, pastels in shades of green or yellow. Of course, it is not an obligation and everyone has their own style of dressing, but what you wear also greatly changes the resulting photo. I definitely recommend thinking about what coloring your dog has and avoiding the same color in larger quantities when choosing clothes. The black dog in the photo with the owner, who is also all in black, unfortunately does not stand out much. I would advise ladies not to be afraid of bolder make-up. The camera "eats up" a lot, and believe me, if you feel like it's a bit too much in the daylight - it's just right for the photo. We can discuss all this together at the first consultation hour :)
  • Does my dog have to be able to do anything?
    Of course, it is much better to work with a dog that knows at least the basic laying down and commands. The resulting photos can be much better thanks to this. But do not despair if this is not the case. I photograph both restless puppies, disobedient dogs and constantly sitting potatoes 💛 If your dog can call and you can let him off the leash, all the better! But don't worry, it will work without it :)
  • I have a reactive dog, what about it?
    If your dog has problems with strangers, dogs or with any specific things, please let me know in the booking form or during the first consultation. We will discuss how to work with it to make the photo shoot a great experience for the dog and to avoid potential inconveniences.
  • How is the payment for the photo shoot done?
    After filling out the reservation form, I will contact you to schedule our joint consultation. Along with it, I will ask you to pay a deposit for the photo shoot, which amounts to CZK 1,000, regardless of the package you have chosen. The deposit amount will be deducted from the total price of the photography package later. I will ask you to pay the rest of the amount for the photo shoot after I send you all the successful unedited photos. Until the amount is paid, the resulting edited photos will not be sent to you. All payments are made to a bank account in the Czech Republic. Tip: I send QR codes for faster payments.
  • I paid the deposit, but I can't come to the photoshoot, what about it?
    If you excuse yourself from the photo shoot 48 hours in advance, we will choose a new date together that will suit you. If you apologize later or do not arrive, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Can you issue me an invoice for the company?
    Of course, if we agree this way in advance, it is possible. :)
  • How and when will I receive the resulting photos?
    Within three days of our joint photo shoot, you will receive a link to the successful photos from which you can choose the ones you want to edit. I will then edit your selected photos and within a week you will have them in electronic form in your email.
  • Can you send me all the photos even though they are unedited?
    No. Not all photos are worth editing and I like to keep a quality output. That's why you will always receive edited and in full quality only the ones you choose.
  • I ordered 5 photos, but after viewing the unedited photos, I would like a few more edited photos, is that possible?
    Yes. If you find that you would like a few more photos compared to what you ordered - no problem and I am thrilled that you like it so much! There is a fee of CZK 200 for each edited photo beyond the scope of the package.
  • Can I have the photos printed?
    Of course, you will receive all edited photos in full quality and are therefore also suitable for printing.
  • Can I use the photos for commercial purposes?
    No. All photos are for your private use only. I, as a photographer, am the author of the photos. It is not allowed to use photos from my person for commercial purposes - this means, among other things, sending them to competitions. More information can be found in the Terms and Conditions. If you want to purchase a license for a specific photo, do not hesitate to contact me and we will agree on an individual offer.
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