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Psí Fotografka

Dog Photography

Welcome to my small world filled with forever frozen memories and happy furry smiles. I am not just a photographer, but also a proud owner of two Staffordshire Bull Terriers who have taught me the true harmony between a dog and a human. And because I believe that there are many of us who love our dogs more than anything in the world, it is my joy to immortalize the most beautiful moments of you and your furry friend.


Studio photography
Outdoor photography

Realistic portraits
Abstract portraits


Product photography
Charity events
Dog events





Artwork from Photo


bilý pes, stafordšírský bulteriér v makovém poli, fotografie, fotka
pes skákající v žluté barvě, stafordšírský bulteriér, fotografie
bílý stafordšírský bulteriér skáče v modré barvě, fotografie
štěně stafordšírkého bulteriéra v třešních, rozkvelé, fotografie
kavalír king charles španěl, pes na louce, modrá barva, fotografie
pes v parku, fotografie, zelený strom, protisvětlo
dalmatin v lese fotografie
francouzský buldoček, skáče v růžové a fialové barvě, fotografie
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for personal use


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In the field of personal photography, I offer a wide range of services that will satisfy every dog lover. Studio photography will provide you with professional portraits in a perfectly controlled environment, while outdoor photography captures the natural beauty and joy of your dog in his favorite places. Realistic portraits underline the unique personality and character of your four-legged friend, while abstract portraits offer an artistic view that emphasizes colors, shapes, and shadows. Want to know more? Click the button below and learn more about each of these services.


In the field of commercial photography, I offer a wide range of services that every entrepreneur or organizer in the field of dog business and breeding will appreciate. Product photography will highlight the beauty and uniqueness of your dog products, helping to increase their sales and attractiveness to customers. Breeding station photography will help present your facility in the best possible light and attract new puppy buyers. Charitable and dog events will be documented with sensitivity and a professional eye to properly immortalize every moment and help you create a strong positive image of your organization or event. Want to know more? Click the button below and learn more about each of these services.

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for commercial use




Graphics for personal or commercial use


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Pink Minimalist Square Portfolio Mockup Instagram Post .png



In the field of graphic services, I offer a wide selection of options for both personal and commercial use that will satisfy various needs in the area of visual presentation. The "Drawing from Photo" service allows you to have a personal and unique art piece that captures the essence of your dog. Cover flyers and litter presentations help breeding stations effectively and professionally present their puppies to potential interested parties. I also offer logo creation, which will help you create a strong and unforgettable visual image of your business or organization. Want to learn more about these and other graphic services? Click the button below and discover how I can help take your visual communication to the next level.



Why Choose My Photography and Graphics?

Love for

My love and passion for dogs are reflected in every shot and design I create. This deep understanding and feeling for our four-legged friends ensure that every photo and graphic product will reflect the unique beauty and personality of your dog.


My personal and unique style of photography and graphics ensures that every project will be as original as your best four-legged friend. I will ensure that every shot and design is authentic and in line with your expectations.


I guarantee high quality in everything I do. I use the latest technology and tools to ensure that every photo and graphic product is perfect and meets the highest standards.

Sense for

My attention to detail ensures that no small moment will be overlooked. Each shot and design will be carefully and precisely processed to reflect all the beautiful details of your dog.


I understand how important it is to have finished products as quickly as possible. I will ensure a fast and smooth realization of your project, so you do not have to wait long for your beautiful photographs and graphic products.



Customer Reviews


Lenka & Benny, Winci, Dinno

Thank you so much for the relaxed photo shoot, Ms. Veronika is a professional and it shows in the results. She has her unique signature. Highly recommend!


Tereza & Maggie

As probably the oldest customer of Verunka, I can say that professionalism and a friendly approach are always a matter of course. She masterfully controls various photographic techniques so even if you come up with anything she always manages to figure out how to project your wishes onto photos. The bonus is that the shooting always takes place in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere and the photos are always absolutely divine.


Karolina & Doktor

The entire process was an amazing experience and a bonding moment for me and my crazy puppy. Veronika had a way with both me and my four-legged mischief-maker, so the photo shoot flowed effortlessly. Verča has fantastic ideas, and choosing the best shots from the final photos was nearly impossible because each one had its own charm and simply divine. I hope we can have another session when our little dog grows up. I would recommend a photo shoot to every dog owner as a keepsake because our beloved dogs won't be with us forever, and with Verča, communication, professionalism, and the price-performance ratio are simply unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend it with all four paws on top.

IMG_6403-Vylepšené-NR kopie.jpg

Luky, Baru & Samuel

Focení probíhalo formou hry a to nás i Samíka moc bavilo. Výsledné fotky jsou krásné a určitě se ještě na nějaké focení sejdeme :) Moc děkujeme za zážitek!


Lenka & Ricky

Great and patient photographer :) The photos are amazing, even without edits. We will definitely take the opportunity to shoot several times.


Andrea & Hugo

The photographs are truly beautiful. Moreover, photographing Hugo was fun :) We recommend to everyone.

IMG_1451-Vylepšené-NR kopie.jpg

Iva & Míša/Bára

I had a photoshoot with Misa and Bara (dachshund) with Veronika, and I was not only impressed by the final photos but also by the entire process. Veronika demonstrated an exceptional professional approach and enthusiasm for her work.

Her love for animals was evident and helped us all feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

The resulting photos are absolutely amazing! She captured the characters of Misa and Bara, and each shot radiates their individual personalities.

I recommend Veronika to anyone looking for high-quality and emotional animal portraits. It was truly a unique and beautiful experience. Thank you!


Simona & Senu

Pro nás první zkušenost s profi focením. Focení byla nejen zábava, ale příjemné odpoledne s fajn fotografkou! Moc děkujeme za krásné fotky a osobitý přístup. :)))


Martina & Nero

Thank you very much for the photos, they are absolutely beautiful and it must have given you a lot of work. You are great and professional and we are thrilled!

IMG_3420-Vylepšené-NR kopie.jpg

Věra & Ari

Both me and the dog - mom and fence - enjoyed the photo shoot a lot! It was a very pleasant time spent. Verča has an admirably patient approach :-) The final photos are amazing, we can't stop admiring them at home! And we look forward to the next photo shoot :-)


Lucie & Happy

Veronika is an excellent photographer and a dog lover, as Happy immediately took a liking to her, and they were a well-coordinated duo during the photo shoot. It's incredible how she captured Happy's true essence. It wasn't just about formal poses; she really captured his personality and what he loves. We will definitely reach out for another photo session. We recommend her to everyone. It's also a great gift for those who have dogs because the photos are truly beautiful. We thank her once again, not only for the pictures but also for a wonderfully spent afternoon.


Lucie & Lola, Dora

I'm thrilled with the shooting and the finished photos! Veronika knows how to work great with dogs, even when they don't want to cooperate much, she always managed. The final photos, especially in colors, really waaw thank you so much!


Lucka & Alička

We were thrilled with the photo shoot; it's not just about the pictures but also about the atmosphere. I haven't met someone with a heart in such a right place for a long time. I can't imagine anyone better to capture photos with my lifelong companion.


Jana/Zdeněk & Diorek

The photoshoot with the unknown lady Veronika was great; at the first glance, and Veronika was no longer unknown. Dior saw Veronika as a buddy, no stress, he did what he wanted, as he always does. Veronika managed to captivate us and guided us through the shoot to ensure the final photo was superb. Entrusting yourself to the care of professionals is worthwhile - a beautiful day, lovely photos, and a great feeling about the end result. We recommend it, and we thank Veronika

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