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Terms and Conditions for commercial use

Introductory Provisions These business conditions of the self-employed individual Veronika Tarantíková (ID No.: 71487111), registered in the trade register maintained by the City Hall of Kladno (hereinafter referred to as "photographer"), regulate in accordance with Section 1751 (1) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as "Civil Code"), the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties arising in connection with or based on the contract or agreement for the provision of photographic services (hereinafter referred to as "contract") concluded between the photographer and the client.

Provisions deviating from these terms and conditions can be negotiated in the contract. Deviating arrangements in the contract take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions.

The provisions of the terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded between the photographer and the client. The client is sufficiently notified of these terms and conditions before the actual implementation of the order and has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them. By concluding the contract, the client further agrees that these conditions become an integral part of the concluded contract.

All contractual relationships between the photographer and the client are governed by the legal order of the Czech Republic. If the contracting party is a consumer, the relationships not regulated by the business conditions are governed by the Civil Code and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection. If the contracting party is a business, the relationships not regulated by the business conditions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code applicable to businesses.

Ordering Photographic Services

  • The client can place an order using the registration form on, email, phone number, or on social networks. The photographer confirms the acceptance of the client's order and confirms the date, time, and place of the photo shoot.

  • This confirmation constitutes the conclusion of the contract between the photographer and the client.

  • The photographer requires a prepayment of a deposit in a specified amount for the order to be valid.

  • The deposit serves as a guarantee of the client's commitment to the ordered services and secures the reservation of the photographer for the specified date and time.

  • The client is required to provide confirmation of the deposit payment to the photographer.

  • The payment should be made according to the photographer's instructions and the confirmation should include information about the amount, date, and method of payment.

  • The client has the option to request a change of date, time, or place of the photo shoot no later than 48 hours in advance. All changes must be agreed between the client and the photographer in writing or orally. In case of cancellation of the order after the expiration of the 48-hour deadline, the deposit is lost.

  • The client is obliged to provide timely and accurate information to the photographer regarding the number of people, dogs, special requirements, or other details related to the ordered services.

  • The photographer is entitled to cancel or postpone the date of the photo shoot for important reasons (illness, injury, etc.).

  • The client will be informed of this fact in time by phone or through a message (email, message on Facebook, Instagram, or SMS).

  • The client (and other persons participating in the photo shoot) agrees to actively cooperate with the photographer during the photo shoot and to follow the instructions and directions of the photographer to achieve the best results. Otherwise, the photographer is not responsible for the lack of quality shots. Likewise, this is not a reason for a reduction in the price of the photo shoot.

Photographic Packages
Product photography: Price according to agreement, suitable for presentation of products in commercial materials.
Kennels: Price according to agreement, for commercial promotion of breeding stations and their breeding individuals.
Dog events: Price according to agreement, for documentation and promotion of dog events and competitions.

Selection and Processing of Photographs

  • The photographer sends a gallery with unretouched previews from the photo shoot, from which the client will choose photos for final editing no later than 1 week after the date of the photo shoot (unless agreed otherwise).

  • The number of previews is not fixed but always allows sufficient selection with respect to the chosen package (unless agreed otherwise).

  • The client selects the photographs within the shortest possible time frame from the online gallery, where the pre-selected images (previews) by the photographer are located.

  • The photographer has the right to adjust the selection of photographs after consultation (for example, due to the quality of the selected image).

  • The client is obliged to carry out an immediate inspection of the photographs upon receipt. Complaints regarding technical processing or obvious defects of the photographs must be submitted without delay, but no later than within 7 days of receiving the photographs.

  • The photographer reserves the right to make corrections or retake the photographs in case of a justified complaint. According to the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll., without the consent of the photographer as the author of the work, it is not allowed to publish these previews anywhere or to further edit them (they are owned by the photographer and are intended exclusively for selection for editing).

  • The photographer does not provide unedited photographs. Unless expressly requested by the client, the photographer has free rein in terms of editing the photographs.

  • The client is aware of the photographer's style. Complaints in this regard are excluded. If the client requires changes during the development, they must cover any additional costs that may arise.

  • The following adjustments are made to the photographs within the price: cropping, exposure balancing, contrast, brightness, coloring, removal of minor specks, dandruff, and saliva. Special requests for more demanding retouching (removal of wrinkles, directing unruly hair, slimming, demanding skin retouching, etc.) are possible after agreement with the photographer for an additional charge of 300 CZK per photograph – provided that the adjustment is feasible.

  • Dissatisfaction with one's own appearance is not a reason for complaint.

  • The photographs have the appropriate quality for the corresponding viewing distance. Examining potential imperfections after enlarging/zooming in on the photograph is not a reason for a complaint.

  • The client is obliged to pay the amount for the ordered photographic package (reduced by the already paid deposit) to the photographer's bank account after selecting the photographs for editing.

  • The photographer reserves the right not to hand over the ordered and edited photographs until the payment is fully settled.

Delivery of Photographs

  • The photographs are delivered to the client no later than 1 week from the date of receipt of the full payment (unless agreed otherwise). If the client knows they will need the photographs earlier, they should place the order with this fact in mind to ensure the smooth processing of the order without stress for both parties.

  • The photographer sends the photographs via an online storage service.

  • The link to download the photographs is functional for only a limited number of days, after its expiration the shipment cannot be downloaded and it is necessary for the photographer to upload it again.

  • The processed photographs are delivered in JPG format, unless agreed otherwise.

  • The photographer is not responsible for the loss of photographs already handed over. The client should download the photographs to their devices upon receipt and ideally back them up.

  • The photographer does not guarantee that they will have the photographs available in their storage after several years from their capture.

  • The photographer ensures the archiving of photographs taken during the photo shoot for a period of one month from the date of their capture. After this period, the photographer is not obliged to keep the photographs and is not responsible for their preservation.

  • The client is responsible for backing up and long-term preservation of the photographs after this period.


  • All photographs taken by the photographer are the property of the photographer as the author of the work and are protected by copyright according to the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll.

  • The client acknowledges that the photographs are protected by legal regulations concerning copyright and intellectual property.

  • The client obtains unlimited rights to use the photographs for any commercial purposes, including advertising, marketing, printing, and online presentation.

  • The photographs may not be edited without the prior written consent of the photographer.

  • The photographer reserves the right to use the photographs for their portfolio, exhibitions, and their own marketing purposes. Any use of the photographs must not damage the reputation of the photographer or their services. In the event of a breach of the photographer's copyright or improper handling of the photographs and damage to the photographer's reputation, the photographer reserves the right to compensation for damages and to take legal steps according to the applicable legal regulations.


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