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Who I am?

I got my first camera when I was 7 years old. So it was more like my parents camera, which I secretly took from them and then forced them to develop all the photos I took. At the age of nine, I got my first digital camera, which didn't even have 2 mpx, but I didn't really care at the time. Thanks to that, I found something that hasn't let go of me even after twenty years. Actually, I had only 2 real interests since I was little - photography and dogs. And so I thought - why not put it together?

At the age of nine, my parents bought me my first and dream dog. From that I learned how beautiful the relationship between a human and a dog can be if you both understand each other. However, my biggest companions came only a few years ago, when I got two half-brothers - Staffordshire bull terriers - Lobby & Woody. With the boys (as I call them) we focus on Obedience training using a purely positive dog training method. and due to this focus, I had to learn how dogs think and I completed several training sessions with them. There I met and still meet dogs who have various behavioral problems that can complicate daily coexistence for their owners. Thanks to that, I know how to work with dogs of all kinds and I am extremely grateful for that. 

Apart from animal photography, I also focus on portraits and landscape photography, which I enjoy immensely. You can find samples of my other work in the portfolio here on the website, 


What do I take photos with?


Canon R6


16mm f/2.8


50mm f/1.8


24mm f/1.4


24-70mm f/4


85mm f/1.2


70-200mm f/2.8


Photoshop CC


Lightroom Classic CC

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