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Dog photography

All information about dog photography, useful tips for your first photo shoot and frequently asked questions.

Book an appointment for your pet!

Because I always try to combine your wishes with my style, before each photo shoot I will schedule a online individual consultation with you where we will discuss everything from your ideas about the resulting photos, the date of the photo shoot, logistics and even a few details regarding your dog to make the photo shoot fun for they enjoyment. I only shoot outdoors because I believe that photos are more beautiful when they are in natural light. The best time to take photos is either early in the morning at sunrise or in the afternoon at sunset. Since most people have work obligations and few people want to get up around four in the morning in the summer, I always try to organize photography around sunset. We will definitely never take photos during lunchtime when the light is at its worst during the day. But it also depends on the weather - if it's cloudy or stormy, the dogs probably won't like it very much. And so it may also happen that we have to change our agreed date for the photo shoot. 

And because I know that in today's busy times, people don't like to read long texts and prefer to have all the information in detail in one place, check the "Frequently Asked Questions" section for full details, which may interest you.


How does it work?

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